About Sangeet

Hello and welcome to my virtual home. My name is Sangeet Ram and I am a life path guide, spiritual mentor and wellness advocate. My primary areas of focus are women and children, particularly women going through divorce, healing of their inner children, serious health issues such as autoimmune disease, grief and loss, and dealing with the pain of addiction in the family. 

Life, what a journey this one has been! My path has been filled with numerous twists and turns and each of them has prepared me to begin guiding others in facets of their life where they are unsure of what to do. Gaining understanding that WE are the ones responsible for all of our life choices and for how we react to them. Learning to live in the flow, be free of judgment, forgive ourselves is the ultimate gift to strive for and one we all deserve.

Each of us has a road map to our life, and the experiences, perceptions and stories we begin to believe define the path in front of us. At some point, if you are like me the uncomfortableness of this path sets in and all you want is for things to shift, stop being so painful and just get better.

My role is to provide a safe environment so you can take ownership of your life’s journey, develop compassion towards self during this time of unsettledness or being overwhelmed and begin your transformation through awareness.



My desire in life is to be in flow in all I do, share my stories of challenges, trauma (abuse, familial addiction and not getting my needs met), that I have uncovered from childhood, living for over 40 years with 3 autoimmune disorders that at one point left me barely able to walk, with the addition of a myriad of female and hormonal issues that pushed me on a path to explore different options than what western medicine was offering, to experiencing being a mother to a son who has lived most of his adult life being challenged by addiction and illnesses, to leaving a relationship I was in for nearly 39 years and today I am living healthier than I ever imagined was possible. I never imagined by letting go and surrendering to all that the divine offers, my life would change so much.

Surrendering has been the greatest gift as I uncovered just how strong my ego was and beginning to let go allowed me to “wake-up”, face my shadow side and begin to see who I truly am; someone who enjoys guiding others to uncover and heal their wounds so they also can experience what living a life co-created by God and themselves really looks like. The real changes began via my friend, Liana ( when I purchased two different programs that have brought me so much insight. The first program included a Human Design reading which began the process of realizing not only did I belong here on earth, but I had a purpose. Human Design is a complex and deep system and affects every aspect of your life. For so many years, I have been all over the place, trying this and that and never feeling fulfilled, never quite feeling that I fit in, nor that I was very good at anything.

It isn’t something, I always showed outwardly, but it was definitely there, inside me, constantly holding me back, throwing wrenches into choices I wanted to make, kept me fearful of stepping out in to the me, I knew was in there and so much more. It was in having a reading, that so much made sense. One of my centers, the self-center is open, which basically means, one will be all over the place unless you have people in your life with a defined center and are living according to their chart. It was obvious, I was not. My guidance had come from society, parents, teachers and none of them had a clue about what I needed.

To offset, you need guides in your life to help you and I am able to do that. Soon after, Liana, who is a gifted Shaman, teacher and mentor offered a class called Lifepath Manifesting ( In 12 weeks, my life was forever changed.  Well it was a few more than 12 weeks as I have done the course in its formal format every time it has been offered and on my own many times.

Through my HD chart and Lifepath, I began to see how I compensated to get to the place I had in my life. I became addicted to education (something that wasn’t really valued in my family). I figured if I became more educated, did more volunteer work, took on more responsibilities, controlled the lives of those around me, I would be happy, finally accepted and doing what God intended. What I found out was, I was just going in circles, was unhappy with the life I had put myself in, became an expert at enabling those closest to me and unless I wanted to continue to miss out on the amazing life God had planned for me, I needed to make drastic changes and start right then and there.

There were so many days during this process of waking up that I wasn’t sure if I would make it or not.  I could continue to sit back and just be who I had been or open my eyes and see the parts of me that had been hidden by people in my life, by me not fully seeing and by what others were telling me.  Thankfully, I decided to change.  To be honest.  To stop editing, to stop filtering and to become vulnerable.  I allowed myself to feel the anger, the sadness, the heartache and the lies I had been telling me and began to see that which I was truly unaware of.

I began to see the petals of a flower unfold and in that process, began to find the me that I came here to be.  I looked at my childhood, my adult years and all the stories.  So many stories.


During that time, as I was uncovering so many aspects of my life that I had ignored, buried, forgotten or in all honesty either disassociated from or was unknown, it became obvious to me, that it was time to make many changes across the board. I sat and looked at who I was, what I liked and didn’t, who I presented as versus who I really was, and started getting honest about my life. Instead of me being in the role of the counselor/teacher that I have been for many years, I took a seat and became the client/student who knew she was going to be walking into the darkest recesses of herself and it was time to get real, and I did. Was it easy, HELL NO, was it worth it, yes, as living your truth is always better than the alternative.

It took extreme sadness for me to truly find me and it all began once I started studying Shamanism. As I have ventured deep, it is apparent, the path was chosen long, long ago.  In studies, I learned about the path of the Shaman.  One of the stages is initiation which is where one begins to go deep within themselves to find their connection to spirit as well as healing their wounds, finding their gifts and becoming aware of the potential they have.

At first this sounded like another part of my educational path, but then it became apparent this was more about a spiritual path and finding out why I chose to be here now and to uncover my soul’s purpose. I was challenged to look at the ‘wake-up calls’ through the years that altered my life or in some cases were overlooked.  I began to see where I was so disconnected and hurting, not just from living with autoimmune illnesses for over 40 years, but so much more that began very early in my life.

As I continued my journey, acknowledging early sexual abuse, accidents, serious illnesses, financial setbacks, endings of relationships, and becoming a mother at 18 all needed to be looked at and healed. Almost everything from my teens onward were not the healthiest for me, for my son and others in my life.

My outlets became work or educational degrees. My work career has included numerous occupations, including waitress, caterer, restaurant manager, sports writer/editor, physical therapist assistant, retail manager, paralegal, program director, MLM marketer, non-denomination ordained minister, licensed, mental health counselor, holistic health coach and business owner and professor. Education ranges from associate to doctoral.

Then one day, none of that mattered. I had no idea what was ongoing with me, but all that I had done, all that I was, was just not right. I had fallen into a deep dark place within me and it was obvious I had a choice to make. I could continue to live as I was, barely existing and exhausted or I could dig in and change everything, without even knowing what that meant. I chose the latter and dug in deeper knowing there would be some tough aspects to look at first, then the healing would come.

The process isn’t about blaming anyone in any way. I have looked at the family history I was born into, intimately and am aware of what each generation has lived through and how they have coped. I also am fully aware that as an adult, I am the only one who can heal me and take full responsibility for that. It is also in doing this healing work, that I realized, that the name given to me at birth no longer fit me, described me or was wanted by me, so I changed it.

I made this choice for me, no one else and I am filled with so much clarity and a joy I have not ever experienced before. Now, I get to learn to walk her path and be of service to God in the ways I was brought here to be. This is my path. I look forward to being able to guide you to find yours.

**Sangeet means divine music and harmony
Ram means universal consciousness of God