Are expectations affecting your happiness?

In delving into emotions and their effect on our daily lives, the word disappointment kept popping up in conversations.  I would hear clients talking about disappointments, any time I would open social media, there would be some disappointed about this or that.  No matter where I looked, I would see the word disappointment.

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Begin with listening.... to your heart

At the market this morning, I ran into someone I haven’t seen in a couple of years. After a quick catchup, I found myself in a conversation that lately has become familiar.  What is it about humans that we stay in relationships too long--- even when you know deep inside the person you’re married to, living with or dating isn’t right for you.

My answer to her was FEAR. 

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And one day she awoke

How often do you pay attention to your dreams?  For the past 10 or so years, I have had a dream journal that I write down different aspects of dreams that have stayed with me to reflect upon later.  It all began after attending a workshop on dream analysis based on Carl Jung’s work and has continued as I have studied and been immersed in mysticism, shamanism and other ancient ways.

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Integrity- A Way of LIfe

Often, we live most of our lives with meanings from childhood all around us, "be a good girl", "to succeed you have to do or be this or that", "you have to work hard at everything" and many more. Through the years, you become all that conditioning and somewhere you have lost yourself. In time you will be challenging the image of who you have told you are and who others 'think' you should be. From experience, I will say, you will go to some dark places and be way off your path. Truthfully, you have lost your authentic self and the journey back depending on how long you wait, may bring along days of being uncomfortable.


Many our living a life based on the influences around them. In so many ways becoming sheep, following and becoming what others thought they should be. Deep inside there is a constant message of needing to do more, be better, find something new.... all leading to anger and self-loathing.

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Living in the Present

When one has been doing deep inner healing work for a significant amount of time, ego, loves to pipe in and say, are you done yet?  I chuckle when I hear that voice as I have come to realize that healing is never done. There are more and more layers to uncover and if you think you are done…..the universe will come along and quickly alert you that no, you still have more to do.  For this to happen, you first have to be awake that there is even healing to do.

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LIsten to the Sounds of Silence

Reflection is a great reminder of where we have been.

In looking back, it is so obvious how many times, my soul was doing all it could to guide me, but I was so busy with my agenda, so distracted to what I thought was important that I wasn’t just paying attention, I wasn’t even in the same landscape.  Even when the ALERTS were obvious.  This is a warning or in many cases loud announcements saying this is what you need to do, I disregarded them.  As I was looking back this morning, I began to chuckle as I remembered so many of those signs that were alerting me, a couple close calls with death from illnesses/diseases, three rear ended car accidents, of which the last one, finally woke me up. 

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Be Present to the Moment

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind.  Breathing out, I smile.  Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


As I was settling in to a morning of connecting with myself, I felt this pang in my heart.  I acknowledged it and tucked the feeling into the back of my mind.  I was grateful in that moment of presence I had acknowledged the feeling as so many times in my life, I was so busy with this task or that, I wouldn’t have even paid attention.

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Finding me ~ in stillness

As I finished my combination yoga practice this morning of kundalini, I felt an inner stirring to continue to 30 minutes or so of yin.  As I settled into tadpole, a stillness overcame me, and tears began flowing.  I have become comfortable with this happening during yin and acknowledge that a release is needed and when it is time the meaning will come. I held the pose and as my body was ready went deeper, acknowledging sensations and appreciating all my body is sharing with me.

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Being present

My journey into Yin yoga continues and I am beginning to understand aspects of my personality in much better ways.  For those of you who do not know much about Yin Yoga, which I have come to call turtle yoga for the slowness, the simplicity and yet, you achieve so much.  In Yin yoga you are stretching connective tissue, especially at the joints and hold the poses from 3-5 minutes. 

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Food is all about choices and beliefs

On my morning walk this morning, a neighbor joined me and within minutes, I found myself in a deeply passionate conversation about living vegan.  My neighbor wanted to know what being vegan meant to me.  Their understanding was that it is all about food.

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Surrender and Listen to your heart

Yesterday, during a conversation with a friend, she was sharing how frustrated she was about this amazing job offer she had received two weeks ago and how it has still not been finalized.  As she was talking, I could hear the excitement about all the details of this job.  It was a position that aligned with her education and other work experience, is in a location where she has wanted to live, the pay was where she wanted it to be and in her words, “the break I have been waiting for.”

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