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Embrace your inner child

Healing your inner child is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Almost every one of us experienced some aspect of trauma as a child.  Trauma’s vary from having your favorite doll being taken to the trash without your consent, to your best friend moving away when you were five, to being told to shut-up, or to being physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually abused.

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Just because I am home, does not mean I am lonely

Around 8:30 tonight, my phone rang and the voice on the other end, says, are you busy?  I answered no and before saying anything else, I heard, can I come by, I am just around the corner.  I said sure.  Once my friend arrived, first words stated, were “it’s Friday night, what are you doing home, people will think you are lonely?  I started laughing and said, I am relaxing, and I am not lonely, but what does Friday night have to do with anything?  Deep inside, I already knew how they were going to answer, as I use to feel the same way.

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Are you afraid to lose love?

Being in a relationship exposes areas of our vulnerability.  One thing, I have learned from clients, myself and watching others is that it is really difficult to tell the other person the truth until you face your fear of being afraid of losing them.  You have to surrender to the need for the other person to be there, the deep fear that you feel creeping in when you allow yourself to think about what your life would be like without them.  All of that fear needs to be gone.  Sit with the feeling that they are gone, experience the sadness, and the realization that you will still exist without them without breaking apart.

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Integrity- A Way of LIfe

Often, we live most of our lives with meanings from childhood all around us, "be a good girl", "to succeed you have to do or be this or that", "you have to work hard at everything" and many more. Through the years, you become all that conditioning and somewhere you have lost yourself. In time you will be challenging the image of who you have told you are and who others 'think' you should be. From experience, I will say, you will go to some dark places and be way off your path. Truthfully, you have lost your authentic self and the journey back depending on how long you wait, may bring along days of being uncomfortable.


Many our living a life based on the influences around them. In so many ways becoming sheep, following and becoming what others thought they should be. Deep inside there is a constant message of needing to do more, be better, find something new.... all leading to anger and self-loathing.

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