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Just because I am home, does not mean I am lonely

Around 8:30 tonight, my phone rang and the voice on the other end, says, are you busy?  I answered no and before saying anything else, I heard, can I come by, I am just around the corner.  I said sure.  Once my friend arrived, first words stated, were “it’s Friday night, what are you doing home, people will think you are lonely?  I started laughing and said, I am relaxing, and I am not lonely, but what does Friday night have to do with anything?  Deep inside, I already knew how they were going to answer, as I use to feel the same way.

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Finding me ~ in stillness

As I finished my combination yoga practice this morning of kundalini, I felt an inner stirring to continue to 30 minutes or so of yin.  As I settled into tadpole, a stillness overcame me, and tears began flowing.  I have become comfortable with this happening during yin and acknowledge that a release is needed and when it is time the meaning will come. I held the pose and as my body was ready went deeper, acknowledging sensations and appreciating all my body is sharing with me.

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