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All we see is perception

Yin and Yang is about balance. Every aspect of us has the light and the shadow as does this quote. In seeing beauty in me, it is reflecting what is in you. If you see anger, hatred, in me, that is also a reflection of something that is in you.

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Being in Service

"If I could give you information of my life, it would be to say,  I am so blessed with all the beautiful gifts God has shown me, the teachers sent to me to guide me back onto a path of being in service.  The more I am shown the more I realize, all that God does and I am filled with grace."  Sangeet

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Is your childhood trauma...Still Alive?

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to go back and observe all the experiences in childhood that have impacted our lives.  Take a step back for a moment and see yourself as the child, with the perspective you have today as an adult, looking at each event, each experience, each moment with the understanding and compassion of your adult self.

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LIsten to the Sounds of Silence

Reflection is a great reminder of where we have been.

In looking back, it is so obvious how many times, my soul was doing all it could to guide me, but I was so busy with my agenda, so distracted to what I thought was important that I wasn’t just paying attention, I wasn’t even in the same landscape.  Even when the ALERTS were obvious.  This is a warning or in many cases loud announcements saying this is what you need to do, I disregarded them.  As I was looking back this morning, I began to chuckle as I remembered so many of those signs that were alerting me, a couple close calls with death from illnesses/diseases, three rear ended car accidents, of which the last one, finally woke me up. 

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Intentions, Healing and Growth- Excitement for 2018

Body, mind and spirit being taken care of today:  Prayer, meditation, yoga, followed by an amazing Spiced tea protein smoothie, before diving into work.

 2018 a new year and a continuation on the new path opening to all who are deep into their healing and growth.  As the new moon rolled in on the first of the year, new intentions were written down that have been coming through in meditation and visioning.  Even in writing my intentions down, I made a side note to self, to remain flexible as ego may still be nudging me more than I am aware and being able to release quickly is important to me staying in alignment with my path.

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Find Your True Voice

Have you ever considered how powerful it is when you are able to speak your truth?  I ask, only because a client said to me yesterday, you use that term, “speak your truth”, a lot and I kept ‘thinking’ I knew what you meant, but lately, I am not sure if I am or not.  After pondering for a moment how best to answer, I said, speaking our truth should be one of the most natural things we do, but unfortunately, that is not the case. 

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