Honor The Light Within You, That Is Love

I am the only true expert on my journey to enlightenment.png

Each day I understand more and more the importance of sending all information I receive through my heart to feel if it is for me.  If it is, I keep it, if not, I release it.

It wasn’t long ago when I wasn’t always sure if the call I was hearing was my inner desires and dreams or just more old messaging coming through.  The deeper I have been able to explore my soul, shift through all the chatter, sit in silence, pray, the easier it has been to decipher what is for me.

While I have come to understand there is always more to uncover and heal within ourselves, there is a deeper call to serve and while we may not know the why, the call when heard is deafening.

As I have become comfortable with exploring deeply inside, I feel closer to uncovering my power and gifts, am grateful for the meaning I continue to find in all those aspects of my past that others may have deemed failures, but I see as my greatest learning opportunities.  As I have become comfortable in looking at all those learning opportunities, I have learned to forgive- myself and others and in that, have surrendered, learned to love myself and gaining understanding of my power.

I have been feeling so many changes in the past few weeks.  The crispness in the morning air, the need for a sweater, the loss of sunlight earlier each day, the leaves beginning to fall and the changes in color.  In many ways, my body has been noticing the changes before I could actually see them.

As fall equinox began last night, I sat for a bit bringing into focus all that I have harvested since the beginning of 2018.  I love taking the time to see what I planted that and how it came into creation as well as many seeds, began to sprout, just to be dug up as they were not the harvest for my garden, and that is alright.

So often in my life I thought if the seed was planted, I needed to tend to it daily, water it, keep it going, no matter what.  Today, I have understanding, that just because I planted it, does not mean, it has to continue to grow.  Sometimes the winds change direction and upset the garden or floods come through and wash things away.  It is always just as it is supposed to be.  The winds encourage me to look where I might not have before and the water is clearing, cleansing, reminding me attachment is never a healthy thing.

As I sat last night in silence, honoring the four directions, I welcomed another new journey into myself for the next few months.  I am ready to be open for all that is coming and going.  I gave thanks for my spiritual growth, the grace and harmony I feel every day and asked for guidance on what is needed to bring balance to my inner self.

As I drank my ceremonial cacao, cleansed my space with sage, Palo Santo and fern medicine, set a small fire, giving thanks for the abundance in my life, I was filled with such gratitude.

Gratitude for my home and having a sacred space that grounds me daily, for teachers that continually show up in my life, my circle of friends that enhance my life in so many ways, Steve (son) and Remi (dog) who continually teach me how easy it is to love unconditionally, and my work which has changed so much and yet fulfills me in ways that have truly blessed my life.

Fall has always been a favorite time of year and as I am setting intentions for the remainder of this year, into next, I will spend more time being quiet and listening to what is bubbling up from within.  It is time to empty out space and allow for creativity and greater insight.  I am ready for the new growth cycle, to spend some time with my shadow (ego and the subconscious). 


I honor the light within you, that is love

I honor the light within me, that is love

Our lights are all needed at this time

Shine yours brightly

Sangeet Ram