Every Moment Is A Spiritual Moment

Every Moment Is A Spiritual Moment.png

Each day, I experience feelings to remind me that there is something greater than the concrete word we inhabit. Often, that feeling comes through in something I am reading that has been uncovered in science, other times it is being immersed in nature, the energy that comes through in connecting with others, or in my quiet time creating or visualizing. No matter the activity, each is always grounding and fills me with grace. It is all of these feelings and experiences that continue to form and enhance my spirituality.

I am blessed each day to see how others experience spirituality. For some, it may be experienced how I did growing up, through religious faith. Others may find it more personal through chanting, yoga, meditation, creating art, music, cooking, or spending time in nature.

What is the most beautiful aspect for me is that there is no right or wrong way to be spiritual? In my own being, I have come to realize just adding in components to deepen my spirituality are important. Being able to understand that each of us was born with a lifepath to uncover and that with each step we continue to learn. Sometimes, I am on the right path, and many other times, I took a misstep, Thankfully, a few years ago, I found an amazing teacher in Liana Shanti, who through many of her teachings and classes has shown me that even with a misstep here and there, as long as I am breathing it is never too late, to move back on the path to the lifepath I came her to walk. In doing that, the past is a teacher, not a part of the program to feel shame, blame or guilt. It is an opportunity to take full responsibility for my actions, see the patterns that led me to those choices, and make a decision if I am continuing with those patterns or letting them go.

SURRENDER has become an amazing part of my journey.

Yesterday, a friend asked me how do I become more spiritual? I really had no specific answer and realize the word spiritual can have many different meanings.

For myself, I found that I just began trying this and that to see what felt right for me. Incorporating one thing at a time, in the beginning, is what felt right for me. Chanting from the moment it was introduced, moved something deep inside of me. It was so easy to make chanting a part of my spiritual practice and is now a part of my practice most days. It is what stabilize my practice, brings me peace and moves so much energy.

A few years ago, I experienced a silent retreat for the first time. Once the practice of being silent settled in, I loved the experience. While I have done a few silent retreats ranging from 3-10 days, that isn’t always possible in my life right now. So, instead, I incorporate a few days each month where I spend the day in silence, meditating. Sometimes, my retreat is at home and other times at a retreat center. No matter the venue, it is a great way to recharge. It has been a great gift to remind me that the way I live each day, is not the only way to live. Meditation, prayer and spiritual reading are now a part of my daily life.


This has become an important part of my practice. Whatever I add or mirror in my spiritual practice always comes back to me looking deeply inside at myself. If I am posting a quote on Facebook, I am fully aware that it is a tool for me to use to guide me in my personal life. If I post about love- how can I love me more, if the quote is on forgiveness, what grudges am I holding, I still need to let go of. When I see a post about any situation that causes a rise in me, I thankfully now know, to stop, let it sink in and see what is it that I need to let go. I have fully enveloped the deep meaning of Ho’Oponopono – whatever I see in my environment is in me and that is where the clearing/healing begins.

Every tool and practice I have in my life is to deepen my relationship with God and with self. It is through my practices, that I learn patience, that brings that inner stillness, messages, and guidance. In my practices, I enrich my inner life, feel deep peace and unconditional love that as they reverberate through me, they also flow outward to everyone and everything I come in contact with. Each day, I gain an understanding of the how important it is to live more consciously, fuller and ask for guidance in how can I serve humanity.

It is truly about practicing being present or as Ram Das says, “Be Here Now.” It is seeing love everywhere, having an ongoing conversation with God throughout my day, connecting with those teachings that resonate deeply with me, healing all the wounding I have experienced and created in this lifetime and others and checking in regularly with my spiritual teacher and friend, via her writings, classes, or sessions and challenging myself to be open and vulnerable to my wounding and her insight. It is being kind to myself, asking for guidance and sending healing to those around me.

The diving deeper into spirituality has given me so much. I have gained an understanding of the importance of silence, reflection and being vulnerable to fully being honest and seeing all the trauma in my life and learning to love myself, accept myself, let people and things go and with each step, get closer to the life I came here to embrace, live and share. Each day, I am open to encountering the presence of God in all things, keeping my ego in check, freeing myself from all the learned judgments and conformities I have carried most of my life, bringing awareness into each moment and gaining new meaning of the word…


Each moment is a gift, one to never be repeated. Heal, Love, be filled with grace and live in freedom and see how this changes every aspect of your world.


Sangeet Ram