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Being in Service

"If I could give you information of my life, it would be to say,  I am so blessed with all the beautiful gifts God has shown me, the teachers sent to me to guide me back onto a path of being in service.  The more I am shown the more I realize, all that God does and I am filled with grace."  Sangeet

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Finding me ~ in stillness

As I finished my combination yoga practice this morning of kundalini, I felt an inner stirring to continue to 30 minutes or so of yin.  As I settled into tadpole, a stillness overcame me, and tears began flowing.  I have become comfortable with this happening during yin and acknowledge that a release is needed and when it is time the meaning will come. I held the pose and as my body was ready went deeper, acknowledging sensations and appreciating all my body is sharing with me.

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Surrender and Listen to your heart

Yesterday, during a conversation with a friend, she was sharing how frustrated she was about this amazing job offer she had received two weeks ago and how it has still not been finalized.  As she was talking, I could hear the excitement about all the details of this job.  It was a position that aligned with her education and other work experience, is in a location where she has wanted to live, the pay was where she wanted it to be and in her words, “the break I have been waiting for.”

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How Generators are taken advantage of- Are you one?

With over 70% of the population being Generators (Generators/Manifesting Generators), one might ask, “How can Generators be taken advantage of?”  Truth is, it happens all the time and most are unaware.

If you were raised from birth as a Generator, there is a possibility, you understand the nuances and the ease of being a Generator.

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Learning to say, NO!

Midway through last week, I heard a very loud message inside of me that I needed to disengage from life for a few days.  I had been in the midst of diving in to do some deep inner work and found myself struggling with how to get all day-to-day done, handle my client load, spend the time in spiritual healing, taking care of my health and answering the call to disengage.

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Human Design and Parenting: Make life easier

From the moment you know you are becoming a parent, so many questions start going through your mind.  What will they be like? Will I know what to do? Do you know how wonderful a parenting manual would be?

The beautiful thing is, a Human Design chart has all the information you need whether you are an infant or an adult in your 50’s.  The beauty of having a chart for your children is that you can teach and encourage them from a very young age to live according to their true nature and how to navigate life with ease that most of us have never known.

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What are Gates and Channels in Human Design?

In the past few weeks we have looked at all the different Human Design types and their characteristics, strategy and authority and how open and closed centers affect our lives.

To create a Human Design Chart you only need to provide your birth date, time and place.  Your birth date is used to calculate your Astrological Chart that is then converted into the Human Design Body Graph (64 Gates).  The Body Graph also gives us the information to understand our Type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector).  Type explains a Strategy and operates in all layers of consciousness changing with you and that leads to recognizing inner authority, and profiles

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Living with an open G/Self Center

In Human Design, once you gain an understanding of your type, strategy and authority and have started to experiment living with them, the next step is to really settle in to what each of your centers does and the differences between having an open/undefined center and a closed/defined center.  When a center is closed/defined (colored in your chart), it means that the function related to that center is activated, steady and consistently available at all times.  When a center is open/undefined (white in your chart), it means that the function related to the center is inconsistent; not always available and only becomes activated when another person (who has the center defined/closed) comes into your awareness or when a transiting planet completes a definition.  When this happens, the undefined center is temporarily defined.

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Accepting where you are!

“Somewhere inside that hurting body, there is something better, something stronger, something real.” ― R. M. Drake

This past week I have been contacted by former clients and a couple friends for guidance on people they know and love who have recently been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders.  I automatically feel that knowing deep inside of me and all that happened in those moments of hearing you have multiple sclerosis. 

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Manifesting Generators and Growth Potential

A common question asked by manifesting generators is, “Am I still a generator?”  The answer is yes.  You are a generator with a direct link from the throat center to a motor, the sacral center, root center, solar plexus or heart(ego/will) center.  You know you are a generator by the defined (colored) sacral center.  You just have more energy than then a pure generator and the potential for more growth.

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I Have Changed My Mind- Manifesting Generators

Relationships are a natural part of our lives.  We have relationships with ourselves, with parents, other family, friends, partners, children and with so many other people we come in contact with in work setting, volunteer settings, and in numerous other activities that we come in contact with every day.

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