Being in Service

"If I could give you information of my life, it would be to say,  I am so blessed with all the beautiful gifts God has shown me, the teachers sent to me, via humans, guides, plants, water, wind, fire, earth, and animals to guide me back onto a path of being in service.  The more I am shown the more I realize, all that God does and I am filled with grace."  Sangeet

One of my favorite things to do on Monday mornings is to listen to Illuminations, the weekly message by Liana Shanti, where she gives guidance, support, insight and truth about energy readings for the week (  As with any program that brings you inspiration and helps you to manage and live a better life, you share the information with others.  This week’s message was jammed pack and I found my email box filling up with messages from clients who listen and a couple friends with questions or comments.

It is a joy for me to see the amount of healing ongoing as each person is taking in the information and seeing areas of their lives where help and guidance is needed or where they have made strides.

One of the messages yesterday was to ask, “how can I serve?”  Those words were what led to many questions by a few people who messaged me.  In my own way of living, understanding being in service has changed radically the last few years.  I see service differently today.  From being a small child, service work was shown to me and is something I carried through my life.  What I see different today, is that the service work I do today, all comes from inside of me, versus the service work I had done in the past that I now see was more about strengthening my ego, which comes from a totally different place.

In the past, I enjoyed doing volunteer work, in some respects, I enjoyed it more than work I was paid for in monetary terms.  What I realize today though, is, my ego was still being paid, just differently.  It was getting attention or recognition.  There was something to others knowing what I was doing.  Today, I see that was my reward, even though at the time, I had no idea that was going on.

As time has gone by, I see that being seen, talking about what I was doing, more than was necessary or ensuring others knew what I was doing was feeding my ego.  It was a way of making me feel better about myself or as I realize now, I was doing it to bring me attention that I was craving at that point in my life.  I was not okay with who I was.  I also am able to see that if “I was giving to others”, I saw myself as sacrificing something, which I also know comes from childhood conditioning and beliefs. 

Oh, the images I had of myself.

Service today is different.  It isn’t about anyone knowing what I am doing.  I am not giving anything that is mine, as I fully understand nothing is mine.  I am giving energy, because everything is energy and it all comes from one source.  We are just transporters.  The energy comes through us and then out to the world.  Service has become a beautiful spiritual practice.  One can be of service in so many ways when we begin to live this way.  I have begun to understand that being “in service” happens when you are able to recognize the essence of others. When I see you, I see me. I see God in everything. 

When I ask the question, “how I can serve?”, the answer has been the same, love and learn.  While it sounds simple and for many it may be, I still have a few challenges as my ego still loves to intervene.  Thankfully, these days, I am more aware and catch it quicker. 

This Earth school we are all intertwined in living together in, is all about awakening to who we really are and finding our way back home. 

Yes, it is easy to ask how I can serve and then I just sit and listen patiently for all the ways, knowing they will come.